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7 .... In reaction / response / answer to theevent / phenomenon / idea / question , somepeople say / think ....
But do they realize...?
7.1 Now most people get their news and informationabout the things that are happening at home andabroad from television. They believe the things theyhear and see on television. Probably most of theinformation is true, and we can believe it. But shallwe always believe the information which television gives us? Do we never suspect that the giveninformation might be slanted, distorted or the truth totally denied?
7.2 In the past few years big business has fallen to a low level in public esteem. A recent Galluppoll shows that big business came in last, in terms of the quality of the products, among allthe enterprises which sell household appliances in Shanghai; at the top of the list were smallbusiness or business from small towns. in response to the poll, many businessmen argue thatthis public attitude is due to the inadequacy of their advertising and can be cured by steppingup their advertising campaigns. They are only fooling themselves. Do they realize that the realproblem for their loss of public respect is what they have been doing, not what they have beensaying about themselves?
8 The / Its method / way / value / wisdom s nowbeing questioned / challenged by more and morepeople.
8.1 Throwing criminals in jail is an ancient andwidespread method of punishment, but is it a wiseone? It does seem reasonable to keep wrongdoersin a place where they find fewer opportunities to hurtinnocent people, and where they might discoverthat crime doesn't pay. The system has long beenconsidered fair and sound by those who want to seethe guilty punished and society protected. Yet thevalue of this form of justice is now being questioned by more and more people.
8.2 Required class attendance, like an old custom, is so common in in Chinese colleges anduniversities that many teachers and even students themselves simply assume it is a goodthing. But is it a wise method? It does contribute to the rise in the number of studentsattending class. But is there any proven co-relation between attendance and performance in acourse? The value of required attendance is now being questioned by more and more teachersand students.
9 These days we often hear about....
They claim / argue / say that....
But has / is it?
Close examination / analysis / scrutiny doesn'tbear out the claim. / argument.
9.1 These days we often hear about "the classlesssociety". They say that all men are equal, and theycan enjoy the same educational and job opportunities, and the distinction between rich andpoor has lost. But has it? Close examination doesn't bear out the claim.
9.2 These days I have heard many exasperated students and working adults alike express astrong desire to take an English course and a computer course. They believe that suchknowledge will enhance their job opportunities or promotion opportunities. But will it? Theinformation I've collected over last few years leads me to believe that this knowledge may beless useful than most people think.
10. We are often shown / told these days that....
But is this really the case?
10.1 We are often told that technological know-how, acquired in exploring space, will be utilized to make life better on earth. Is this really the case? What has the space exploration done to relieve the suffering of the earth's starving millions? In what way has it raised the standard of living of anyone of us? Man may put human beings on the moon, but there is growing skepticism about his ability to solve human problems closer to home.
11 Recently the rise in / phenomenon of /problem of / question of ... has drawn /aroused public / popular / grave / world-wide attention / caused /aroused wide / general /considerable / international concern / arisen/loomed up /cropped up as controversial /as note worthy/more distinctly for settlement
11.1 Recently, the alarm about the problem of the use of genetic technologies on human beings have caused wide public concern, and understandably so. With nuclear energy threatening global catastrophe and with so many other technological advances visibly damaging the quality of life, who would wish to have scientists tampering with man's inner nature? Indeed, fear of such manipulation may amuse even more anxiety than fear of death.
11.2 Recently psychologists have found only about two percent of adults use their creativity, compared with ten percent of seven-year-old children. When five-year-olds were tested, the result soared to ninety percent! The findings set off many people thinking. Curiosity and originality are daily occurrences for the small child, but somehow most of us lose the freedom and flexibility of the child as we grow older. The need to follow "directions" and "do-it-right", plus the many societal constraints we put on ourselves, prevent us from using our creative potential.
12 Recently the issue / problem / question of... has been in the limelight. / brought into focus. / brought to public attention. / posed among the general public.
12.1 The problem of development vs. environment has now been in the limelight. Nowhere is the clash more visible than in China, where the world's largest population faces pollution, deforestation and acid rain on a large scale.
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