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  1. enable sb to do sth使某人能做某事

  eg. The computer enables people to communicate with each other more conveniently. /计算机使人们彼此间能更方便地交流。

  2. be about to do sth… when 正要做某事……突然……

  eg. I was about to go shopping when it suddenly began to rain. /我刚要出去买东西,天就突然下雨了。

  3. by accident / by chance / accidentally 偶然地

  4. come across sb 偶然遇见

  5. act on sth 依……行事

  eg. Each student should act on the rules and regulations of the school. / 每个学生都应该遵守学校的规章制度。

  6. add to / add up to 加上/ 总计达

  eg. The number of the patients added up to three hundred last week. / 上星期,病人人数达到了三百人。

  7. in advance / ahead of time 提前

  8. after all 毕竟

  9. agree to do sth / agree with sb/ agree to sth

  10. aim at doing sth 下定目标做某事

  eg. Aiming at winning the game, he practiced hard every day. / 为赢得比赛,他每天努力练习。

  11. allow / permit / forbid doing sth 允许/ 允许/ 禁止做某事

  12. allow / permit/ forbid sb to do sth 允许/ 允许/ 禁止某人做某事

  13. apologize to sb for sth 因某事向某人道歉

  14. take sth in one's arms 抱着……

  15. arrive at a conclusion 得出结论

  16. put sb to shame 使某人相形见绌

  eg. His courage put all the other students to shame. / 他的勇气令其他学生都感到惭愧不如。

  17. be astonish at sth 因某事感到震惊

  18. make the bed 铺床

  19. blame sb for sth / it is me to blame 因某事责怪某人/ 该受责怪的人是我

  20. break down / break up / break out / break into 坏了/ 驱散/ 爆发/ 破门而入

  21. hold one's breath / out of breath 摒住呼吸/ 上气不接下气

  22. bring about / bring up 引起,使发生/ 抚养长大

  23. burst into tears / laughters 突然大哭/ 大笑

  24. burst out crying / laughing 突然大哭/ 大笑

  25. call at sp / call on sb / call up / call off / call out to / call for / call on sb to do 拜访某地/ 拜访某人/ 打电话/ 取消/ 大喊/ 叫来/ 号召某人做某事

  26. carry out / work out / point out / find out 实现/ 做出/ 指出/ 查明

  27. catch up with sb / keep up with sb / put up with sb 赶上某人/ 跟上某人/ 容忍某人

  28. change sth into sth / exchange sth for sth 把……变成/ 交换

  eg. Can you change this note into coins? / 你能把这张纸币换成硬币吗?

  eg. May I exchange this book for your new pen? / 我能用这本书换你的新笔吗?

  29. come into being / come to oneself / 形成/ 恢复意识

  eg. The new system came into being in the late 19th century. / 这种新体制在十九世纪后期开始形成。

  30. have sth in common with sb 和某人有共同点

  eg. The twins have a lot of things in common with each other. / 孪生姐妹间有很多相似点。

  31. congratulate sb on sth / doing sth 祝贺某人某事

  32. be regarded / thought of / considered as 被认为,被当成

  33. be content / satisfied / pleased with 对……感到满意

  34. encourage sb to do sth / encourage sb in sth 鼓励某人做某事

  eg. He always encourages me to work hard. / 他总是鼓励我要努力工作。

  eg. He always encourages me in my study. / 他总是在我的英语上给我鼓励。

  35. be covered with 被……覆盖

  36. deal with / do with / handle 处理,解决

  37. be determined to do sth / make up one's mind to do 下定决心做某事

  38. to some degree / to some extent / in a way 从某种程度上来说

  39. put off… until / delay 推迟

  eg. The sport meeting has been put off until next Friday. / 运动会已经被推迟到下周五。

  40. take delight in sth / doing sth 取悦于做某事

  eg. One should not take delight in making fun of others. / 人不能以取笑他人为乐。

  41. depend on / rely on / feed on / live on 依靠/ 依靠/ 用……喂养/ 以……为生

  42. in the distance / at a distance 在远处/ 隔一段距离

  43. dress sb in sth / sb be dressed in sth 打扮某人

  44. be due to do sth 按期,按理该做某事,由于

  eg. The train is due to arrive at 5 o'clock. / 火车应在五点到达。

  eg. The failure is totally due to his carelessness. / 失败都是由他的粗心造成的。

  45. be eager to do sth / be eager for sth 迫不及待做某事/ 对……很热衷

  46. have an effect on sth 对……有影响

  eg. Smoking has a bad effect on people's health. / 吸烟有害健康。

  47. make efforts to do sth 千方百计做某事

  48. equip sb with sth / arm sb with sth 用……来武装某人

  eg. The young people must arm themselves with knowledge. / 年轻人必须用知识武装自己的头脑。

  49. expect sb to do sth / count on sb to do sth / want sb to do sth 期待某人做某事/ 指望某人做某事/ 想让某人做某事

  50. make a face / be faced with sth 做鬼脸/ 面对……

  eg. She was faced with many difficulties when doing the experiment. / 她在做实验时遇到很多困难。

  51. have faith in sth / be faithful to sth 对……忠诚

  52. fall asleep / fall ill / fall silent 入睡/生病/ 恢复寂静

  53. sb be familiar with sth / sth be familiar to sb 某人熟悉某物

  54. find fault with sb / sb be at fault 挑某人的毛病/ 是某人的错

  55. do sb a favor / give sb a hand 帮某人忙

  56. feel like doing sth / would like to do sth 想要做某事

  57. be fit / suitable for sth 适合,胜任

  eg. Mary believes that she is fit for the new job. / 玛丽相信她可以胜任新的工作。

  58. be fond of doing sth 对做某事感兴趣

  59. force sb to do sth / make sb do sth / have sb do sth / get sb to do sth / let sb do 迫使某人做某事,让某人做某事

  60. give out / give away / give up / give in / give off / give back 分发/ 送人/ 放弃/ 屈服/ 释放气体/ 归还

  eg. I saw a man giving out pamphlets on the street. / 我刚看见一个人在街道上正发传单。

  eg. When I grow up, I give away all my toys to my brothers. / 我长大后,把所有的玩具都给了我弟弟。

  eg. Cars give off much poisonous gas every day. / 汽车每天释放出很多有害气体。

  61. learn / know sth by heart 背诵,牢记在心

  62. help oneself to sth / cannot help doing sth / cannot help to do sth 随便吃/ 禁不住做某事/ 不能帮忙做某事

  63. hold on / hold up 坚持,稍等/ 阻塞

  64. insist on / persist in / stick to 坚持

  65. knock at the door / knock into the wall / knock out sb / knock sth off / knock sth over 敲门/撞墙/打晕某人/把……打掉/ 把……撞倒

  eg. Who has knocked the vase off the shelf? / 谁把花瓶从架子上弄掉的?

  66. let out the secret / keep sth a secret 泄密/ 保守秘密

  67. before long / long before / it is not long before …很久之前/ 不久之后/ 不久之后便……

  eg. It was not long before I realized that how foolish I was at that time. / 不久之后我便意识到我当时是多么的愚蠢。

  68. be made up of / consist of / contain / include 由……构成/ 包含,包括

  eg. The class is made up of fifty students. / The class consists of fifty students. / The class contains/ includes fifty students. / 这个班由五十名学生组成。

  69. mean to do sth / mean doing sth 打算做某事/ 意味着做某事

  eg. I didn't mean to hurt you by telling you the truth. / 我告诉你真相并不是打算要伤害你。

  eg. It means killing me that you lie to me. / 对我撒谎就意味着要杀了我。

  70. in badly need of / in lack of / in want of 急需,缺乏

  71. have nothing to do with sb / it is none of sb's business 和某人没关系/ 不管你的事

  72. object to sth / doing sth 反对某事/ 反对做某事

  73. an idea occur to sb 某人突然想到一个主意

  eg. An idea occurred to Tom that he can hide himself under the bridge. / 汤姆突然想到他可以藏在桥底下。

  74. owe sth to 把……归功于

  eg. He owed all his success to the supports from his family. / 他把成功归功于家人的支持。

  75. pay sb some money for sth

  76. sth cost sb some money

  77. sb spend some money on sth / in doing sth

  78. it takes sb some money to do sth

  79. take place / take one's place / take the place of sb 发生/ 取代某人/ 取代某人

  80. practise doing sth 联系做某事

  81. provide sb with sth / provide sth for sb 向某人提供某物

  82. on purpose 故意

  83. rather than / other than 而不是/ 除了,不同于

  eg. He bought the red tie rather than the green one. / 他买了那条红领带而不是那条绿色的。

  eg. He never speaks to me other than to ask for something. / 他除了向我要东西,从不和我说话。

  eg. She seldom appears other than happy. / 她很少有不高兴的时候。

  84. refer to 指的是,提及

  85. play a role in 在……扮演一个角色,在某方面起作用

  86. make room for 为……腾地方

  87. see sb off / meet sb at the station 为某人送行/ 去车站接某人

  88. send out / send for a doctor / send off / send up / 派出/ 派人去请医生/ 发出气体/ 发射

  89. make sense 有意义

  eg. What you have said makes no sense. / 你刚才说的话都是废话。

  90. sentence sb to death / stone sb to death / starve sb to death 判某人死刑/ 用石头把某人打死/ 饿死某人

  91. be similar to 与……相似

  92. sooner or later 迟早

  93. stop sb from doing sth / keep sb from doing / prevent sb from doing 阻止某人做某事

  94. suffer from sth 遭受……痛苦

  95. be sure to do sth 有信心做某事

  eg. She is sure to win the first prize in the competition. / 她有信心在比赛中获胜。

  96. make sure 确保,确定

  eg. When you leave the room, make sure that all the windows are shut.

  97. it is certain that 毫无疑问的是……

  98. tear sth into pieces 把……撕成碎片

  99. all the time / all the same / all the best / all the way 一直/ 同样/ 一切都好/ 千里迢迢

  eg. He came all the way by air in order to watch the finals. / 他一路飞来,为的就是看最后的决赛。

  100. be tired of doing / be tired from doing 厌倦做某事/ 因某事感到劳累

  101.keep in touch with sb / lose touch with sb 和某人保持联系/ 和某人失去联系

  102.turn to sb for help 向某人寻求帮助

  103.make oneself understood 使自己被别人理解

  104.used to do sth / would 过去常常

  105.be used to doing sth / be accustomed to doing sth 习惯做某事

  106.be used to do sth / get used to do sth / be used for sth 被用来做某事

  107.by the way / in the way / in a way / on the way / in no way / in this way 顺便说说/ 碍事/ 从某种程度上来说/ 在路上/ 绝不/ 就这样

  108.be willing to do sth / be unwilling to do 愿意做某事/ 不愿意做某事

  109.have a word with sb / have words with sb 和某人谈话/ 和某人吵架

  110.in a word / in short / to sum up 总之

  111.in other words 换言之

  112.Word came that …有消息称……

  eg. Word came that there would be a new round of sale next week. / 有消息称下周还有新一轮的打折。

  113.be worth doing / be worthy to do 值得做某事

  eg. The book is worth reading. / The book is worthy to be read. / 这本书值得一读。

  114.accuse sb of doing sb 指控某人做某事

  eg. He was accused of murdering his boss. / 他被指控谋杀了他的老板。

  115.assure sb of sth 向某人确保……

  eg. The shop assistant kept assuring me of the quality, so I took it. / 售货员不断向我保证质量,所以我就买下了。

  116.get rid of sth 去除,消除

  117.suspect sb of doing sth 怀疑某人做某事

  118.warn sb of sth 警告某人某事

  eg. I have warned him of the danger many times, but he won't listen to me. / 我警告过他很多次,但是他就是不听我的。

  119.differ from 区别于

  120.be dismissed from / be fired from 被……解雇

  121.protect sb from sth / doing sth 保护某人免受,免于……

  eg. The umbrella can protect people from the rain. / 雨伞可以保护人们不受雨淋。

  122.sb be engaged in doing sth 忙于做某事

  123.fail in sth / fail to do sth 失败于某事

  124.indulge oneself in sth / doing sth 沉溺于某事

  eg. He indulged himself in traveling all over the world. /他沉溺于他的环球旅行。

  125.sb be involved in sth 某人被牵涉进某事中

  eg. I don't want to be involved in their quarrel. / 我不想搅和进他们的争吵中。

  126.concentrate on sth / doing sth 全神贯注做某事

  127.decide on sth 决定

  eg. They have decided on the date for their outing. / 他们已经决定了出游的日期。

  128.economize on sth 节约

  eg. We should economize on all kinds of energy. / 我们应该节约各种能源。

  129.embark on sth 开始着手做某事

  130.operate on sb 给某人动手术

  131.vote on sth for sb / against sb 就某事进行投票选择,赞成/ 反对

  132.amount to 达到

  133.appeal to sb 吸引某人

  eg. The bright colors always appeal to the young girls. / 鲜艳的颜色总是很吸引年轻女孩。

  134.attach to 依恋于,依附于

  135.confine sb to 把某人限定在一个范围内

  eg. The mother confined her naughty son to the room. / 妈妈把调皮的儿子关在房间里。

  136.see to 负责准备

  eg. Whose turn to see to the dinner today? / 今天轮到谁做饭了?

  137.surrender oneself to 屈服于,投降于

  138.yield to 屈服

  139.account for sth 解释……的原因

  eg. The heavy traffic accounts for my late. / 我迟到的原因是拥挤的交通。

  140.hope for sth 希望得到某物

  141.begin with / end up with 从……开始/ 从……结束

  142.cope with 应对,解决

  143.reason with sb 规劝某人

  eg. I have tried to reason with him, but he is too stubborn. / 我尽力说服他,但是他太固执了。

  144.be responsible for sth 对……负责

  145.be curious about sth 对……好奇

  146.be keen on sth 对……热衷

  147.be indifferent to sth 对……感到无所谓

  148.be inferior to 低于……,劣等于

  149.be new to sth 对……陌生

  150.be sensitive to 对……感到敏感

  eg. The little girl is very sensitive to the sunshine. / 那个小女孩对阳光很敏感。

  151.be obedient to 服从于

  152.be harmful to 对……有害

  153.be capable of doing sth 有能力做某事

  154.be independent of sth / be dependent on sth 独立于/ 依赖于

  155.be jealous of sth 嫉妒……


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