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  (1) 谚语法



  As the saying (proverb) goes, “Haste makes waste.” We are now living in an age of rapid pace and high efficiency. Everyone wants to set the quickest result within the shortest time. But if too much emphasis is laid upon speed, people will ignore the quality of what they are doing, and thus yield unsatisfying results.


  There is an old saying that…

  People often say…

  It is often quoted that…

  One of the great men once said that…

  (2) 定义法



  Fashion means a general tendency among people in a certain society, for example, their common interest in clothes, in one type of hair style and so on. Some people like fashion….


  Sth is / is called / is considered to be /is taken to be / refer to / means /signifies…

  (3) 提问法



  Do you have many friends? Are they similar to you or different from you? Which kind of friends do you prefer?

  (4) 现象描述法



  In recent years, while our industries and businesses have developed quickly, the number of trees in many big cities has dramatically reduced. Efforts are being made to prevent people from cutting more trees, but to realize the significance of making cities greener is of importance.




  As a human being, one can hardly do without a friend. Society is made up of individuals, and making friends is a very important part of our life. Friends can give you a lot.

  (6) 故事法



  Most of us may have such experiences: when you go to some place far away from the city where you live and think you know nobody there, you are supposed to find that you run into one of your old classmates on the streets, perhaps both of you would cry out: “What a small world!”

  (7) 引语法


  "Just as eating without liking harms the health, learning without interest harms the memory and can't be retained." From Vinci's words we can see how important it is to motivate the students in language learning.

  (8) 调查法



  It was reported that scientific studies had been made to determine whether smoking was a hazard to health. Evidence had shown that there was a serious health risk.




  Suppose you were offered two jobs, one is highly-paid but rather demanding, the other is less demanding, but poorly-paid, which would you prefer? …



  People often say that…, but I think it is not true.

  Some people say /believe / hold the view /claim / suggest that…

  Others criticize ./ point out / maintain / argue that…

  Nowadays it is universally / generally admitted / acknowledged / accepted / held that…


  (1) 重述或总结主题


  例如:Influence on Young Adults一文的开头段是:The process of growing up is very complex for every person. Among countless factors which influence a person’s growth, there are two conspicuous aspects: the family and the friends.

  结尾段:Families offer us warmth and care. Friends give us strength and horizon. They both help us understand the world as it is. Both of them are the dearest parts in our life.

  (2) 提出建议

  例如:Since postcards do us more harm and good, since we have many other ways to convey our feelings and promote our friendship, I hope everyone will take actions now to stop using postcards.

  (3) 概括总结

  例如:To sum up, in order to keep the respectable life, the students ought to behave well according to the four rules mentioned above: 1. be ambitious; 2. be broadminded; 3. be brave; and 4. be honest.

  (4) 引用名人名言

  例如:In particular, I enjoy what Francis Bacon said "Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability."


  例如:In a word, TV advertisement,  I think, are a newborn thing in the development of our economy, of course, there is much room for improvement in the TV ads. I believe the TV ads will benefit both the advertisers and consumers.



  (1)    英文短文内容是否紧扣文章主题?离开主题的句子不管写得多么漂亮都必须删除,否则就要被扣分。切忌离题。

  (2)    开头段能否概括全文?开头段是否太长?

  (3)    文章的主体部分是否有段落中心句?有无细节?其他句子是否围绕段落中心句?句子之间是否相互联系?

  (4)    结尾段能否总结全文?

  (5)    全文的句子开头有无变化?句型有无变化?有无句法、用词、拼写和语法方面的错误?如有这类错误,须及时改正。应在紧扣主题的前提下,想尽一切办法消灭所有的错误,因为各种错误都可能导致大量扣分。



  (1)       Faced with …, quite a few people argue that …, but other people conceive differently.

  (2)       With the development of …, vast changes await this country’s society.

  (3)       There is a general discussion today about the issue of … Those who object to … argue that … . They believe that … But people who favor …, on the other hand, argue that…

  (4)       Currently there is a widespread concern that…

  (5)       Now it is commonly held that … But I doubt whether…

  (6)       Recently the issue of … has been brought to public attention.

  (7)       One of the great men once said that … Now more and more people share this belief.

  (8)       Until recently, … Has been regarded as … But people are taking a fresh look at it.

  (9)       These days we are often told that …. But is this really the case?

  (10)      There is no denying / doubt that…


  (1)       The advantages of A are much greater than B.

  (2)       Wonderful as A is, however, it has its own disadvantages too.

  (3)       Although A enjoys considerable advantages over … , it cannot compete with B in ….

  (4)       Although everyone believes that …. I wonder whether the argument bears much analysis.

  (5)       Contrary to widely accepted views, I believe…

  (6)       There is in fact no reason for us to believe that…

  (7)       Although it is commonly held that …, it is unlikely to be true that …

  (8)       There is an element of truth in these statements, but they ignore a deeper and more important fact that…

  (9)       What these people fail to consider is that …

  (10)      In all the discussion a debate over… one important fact is generally overlooked.


  (1)       Among the most convincing reasons given by people for… one should be mentioned.

  (2)       One may think of the trend as result of …

  (3)       The change in … largely results from the fact that…

  (4)       There are several causes for this significant growth in … First … Second, … Finally…

  (5)       A number of factors could account for the development in…

  (6)       What are / do …? For one thing… For another … And the primary reason is …

  (7)       The reasons for … are complicated, and probably they are found in the fact…

  (8)       It is no simple task to give the reason for this complicated phenomenon, which involves many factors.

  (9)       Different people look at … in different ways.

  (10)      Sth… for a number of reasons. First of all… Secondly … Finally…


  (1)       In 1995, it increased / rose from 7 to 15 percent of the total.

  (2)       By comparison with 1989, it decreased / fell from 15 to 7 percent.

  (3)       … increased / decreased by 10 percent over the last year.

  (4)       The figure / percentage has nearly doubled / tripled as against that of last year.

  (5)       It has increased / decreased almost 2 and half times, compared with…

  (6)       It accounts for 25 percent of the total.

  (7)       … is less than / more than 20 percent of the total number of …

  (8)       The rate was 20 per thousand, more than one fourth of …


  (1)       We may cite / quote / take a single / common example to illustrate…

  (2)       A recent study indicates / suggests / shows that…

  (3)       According to the statistics provided by …, it can be seen that…

  (4)       There is a good / sufficient evidence to show that…

  (5)       This brings out / set forth the important fact that …

  (6)       No one can ignore / overlook the fact that…

  (7)       Let’s take an example / some examples to illustrate…

  (8)       I can think of no better illustration of the idea / view than the fact that…

  (9)       It is clear / well-known that …

  (10)      Our society abounds with the examples of …


  (1)       From what has been discussed about… Taking into account all these factors, we may safely arrive at / draw / come to / reach the conclusion that…

  (2)       It is high time that we put considerable / great / special emphasis on …

  (3)       We must look for an immediate method, because the present situation of … if permitted to continue, … will lead to / result in …

  (4)       Many solutions / methods are being offered here, all of them make some sense, but none is quite satisfactory. The problem should be examined in a new way.

  (5)       There is no immediate solution to the problem of … but … might be helpful / beneficial.

  (6)       No easy method can be at hand to solve the problem of …, but the general awareness of the necessity / importance of … might be the first step on the right way.

  (7)       There is little doubt / denying that…

  (8)       It is, therefore, obvious / evident that the task of … require immediate attention.

  (9)       As far as… be concerned, I believe / think that…

  (10)      In conclusion…

College English Curriculum Requirement
翻译的双刃剑—— 从一篇开幕式致辞的英译
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